This project was to develop a mobile app for a real or speculative IoT (Internet of Things) based company. Today new cars come with mobile apps, so I developed an app to fill a unique niche for owners of older vehicles.
Developed in phases., market research, who, why, what and how. Storyboard showing three pathways of how my users would navigate necessary pages to solve certain goals within the least amount of steps. Built a full visual plan in a style guide format with imagery, colors, components and fonts. Logo development to match my theme and brand. User personas, site map and wireframes. The approach was to focus on mobile first, using Adobe XD to design a fluid, dynamic and consistent mobile user interface. This demonstrates my understanding of the user experience while building it within current industry standards.
Services   Create a IOT (Internet of Things), Mobile Application
Typefaces  Montserrat - Med, Semi Bold
Course  ARTG 153 Interaction Design 2
Instructor  Seth Ferris
Completed  May 2021
User Pathway​​​​​​​ Faith Bradford

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