Starting with a creative brief for a beverage of my choice. My beverage is a healthy mix of seasonal fruits and vegetables with spices mixed to give each seasonal drink a unique taste. The theme was the Roman goddess Pomona, known for fruit and orchards. My Pomona beverage brief included a detailed overview that describes my kind of beverage, price point, ingredients, benefits, project goals, target audience, positioning, design considerations and a competitive analysis. This project also required I create a crest logo for my beverage that shows good concept, construction, balance and color.
Ending this project with three different beverage labels, ingredients listing, the Pomona story and three social media posts. All designed elements show a unified branded cohesiveness. 
Services  Beverage Concept Project
Typefaces  Minister, Cocogoose, Cake, Sukhumvit and Helvetica 
Course  ARTG 133 Logo and Packaging
Instructor  Bradford Prairie and Candice Lopez
Completed Dec 2021

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