This e-commerce website was created to educate and sell my 97% made sustainable algae oil surfboards. This website walked the user through the site from why algae, how algae to shopping for your favorite board options and finally through the checkout process and payment  screens. Starting with Creative Questionnaire, Competitive Audits, Site Mood Boards, Brand Development, Site Map, Wire Frames and Personas. 
I designed a site that is very current with the sustainable movement taking place within surfing and the world today. My goal was to educate my visitors about this new innovative algae oil technology and why it's better than what they are surfing on now. While on the same site sell them a variety of different surfboard options. I further built this site out with a customizing surfboard webpage, for fin set up, dimensions and notes to shaper and glasser. This site continued on with more webpages for your checkout and payment method. And finally a Holiday email blast was designed to finish off this project.
Services  Design a e-commerce website through check-out and payment
Typefaces  Grotesque MT Std and Montserrat
Course  ARTG 143 Interactive Design 1
Instructor  Leanna Jones
Completed  Dec 2020

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