Starting with magazine concepts, ones that would have a specific niche interest to have an established following. Then develop a masthead and visual language that appeals to my defined target audience and convey's the right rhythm, feel and tone for neo magazine. Letting my layout structure do the talking, designing with the Swiss style in mind, minimal and clean. I wanted a refined design to make my magazine feel special and collectible.
My magazine system shows strong visual unity and engaging rhythm with good page layout design that matches my content. ​​​​​​​My use of font and body copy demonstrates my typesetting and hierarchy skills. All using proper InDesign techniques for paragraph and character styles, master pages, tabs and layout grids.

Services   Create and design an original magazine system
Typefaces  Garamond, Helvetica Neue and Eames
Course  ARTG 124 Page Layout
Instructor  James Bowman
Completed  Jan 2021

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