Starting with a moodboard for a new restaurant, I explored layout possibilities and developed menus for an up scale French steak restaurant located in beautiful Big Sur. These menus communicate my concept, style, tone and feel for my brand and target audience. These menus show effective use of typesetting hierarchy with subheads for three sections. 
To expand the brand through a series of concept sketches, I created a combination mark that is well crafted and aligns perfectly with my menu system to unify with the overall design style and brand. To confirm proper knowledge of master sheets, formating, type and paragraph styles, my menu design system was presented in the native file format of InDesign. Final presentation was full size and color. 

Services  Create a restaurant menu design system
Typefaces  Cantoria, Raleway and Buena Park 
Course  ARTG 124 Page Layout
Instructor  James Bowman
Completed  Oct 2020

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